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IOT Snapshot

Do you require advice on how to implement IOT Products or Services?

  • Snapshot is a short exploration process to review how IOT can be used or expanded in your business
  • The Snapshot process is designed to provide an insight to new technologies that are available, or coming soon, and how they can be utilised to improve various aspects, such as Operational Efficiency or Customer Experience
  • Each Snapshot Study provides recommendations and indicative costs to implement a new IOT product/service
  • At the end of the Snapshot, DRE Digital can deliver further services including System Design, Transformation setup and delivery

What is IOT Snapshot?

  • As part of Snapshot we meet your Management Team to understand your current Strategy and short-term objectives
  • We run a workshop with your teams to dive deeper into the current systems, solutions and operational processes
  • Follow-up interviews with key staff
  • Comprehensive report is created and formally presented to the management team

Why IOT Snapshot?

  • COST – Low investment, fast results. Each Snapshot Study takes between 1 and 2 weeks to complete
  • STRATEGIC – Snapshot is a fresh, yet proven, service to keep you abreast of the latest delivery methods and how to implement them for best use
  • DIVERSE – Snapshot is applicable to any company, from SME to Large Corporation
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